IoTM connects IoT Designers and Makers with quality manufacturers for all manufacturing lifecycle needs.

Building prototypes

Product, component/parts manufacturing

Production/product assembly runs

Local/international shipping and logistics


IoTM provides IoT startups the services they need for successful low-risk overseas manufacturing.

Financial security – Forex and Escrow

Trade finance

Freight forwarding

Connect to quality approved manufacturers

Local QA managers solve issues if they arise

Increased speed to market

For IoT Designers

IoTM increases your ability to successfully achieve quality assured manufacturing outcomes, for you, your customers and your investors.

  • Financial security (Escrow and Forex)
  • Quality assurance
  • Increased speed to market
  • Simple supply chain management
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  • For IoT Designers
  • For Manufacturers

    Expand your access to overseas customers through a simple and secure international marketplace.

    • Payment security
    • Single payer
    • Increased customer base and market exposure
    • Access to the right projects based on manufacturing capability
  • For Manufacturers
    • Who We Are

      Kate Carruthers
      Co-Founder, Executive Chairman
      Kate Carruthers is a technologist, marketer, entrepreneur, and educator.
      Extensive experience in senior executive roles for diverse organisations such as General Electric, AMP, Westfield, and NSW Treasury.
      Currently Kate is Chief Data Officer for UNSW Australia, and is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science & Engineering at UNSW Australia. Kate is a member of the Telstra Industry Advisory Board and the NSW Government’s Data Analytics Centre Advisory Board.
      Kate is co-founder of several startups, including Social Innovation Sydney, and MooresCloud.
      David Turnbull
      Co-Founder, CEO
      A serial entrepreneur and digital expert, David is a keen observer of the complex services and systems ecosystems that exist in large organisations. Having formed Vector 5 to assist clients ‘tame their data,’ optimise their processes and digitize their service offerings, he teamed with Kate to form IoTM and take on the challenge of simplifying IoT manufacturing.
      Previous to his higher education experience, David served as Director, UNSW Web and Innovation and worked in senior digital agency roles including Information Architect and Senior Digital Strategist, and has worked with global brands such as Vodafone, Apple, and Canadian Tourism.

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